“We are that group of men in leather jackets, rocking hard in sweaty venues. Our music excites and uplifts. It’s intense and made for exactly such locations.”

(Front man Marijn Slager, The Pheromones)

Hot Rock. The typical sound of Amsterdam-based band The Pheromones. Rock ‘n roll in its purest form, firmly founded on Tanco Baart’s enthralling drum rhythms, Michiel Slager’s groovy bass lines, and the virtuoso fourhanded guitar solos of Matthijs Hoitsma and guitarist/singer Marijn Slager – the duo widely regarded as the best guitarist of the Netherlands. Starting 18 September this foursome hits several clubs and music venues in the city of Amsterdam, their gig in KlupX in the NDSM dock area signifying the kick-off of their XXXLost in Amsterdam tour. The tour is accompanied by a special XXXLost in Amsterdam web page where fans can keep track of the band’s whereabouts and musical antics.

The Pheromones don’t beat about the bush. They make pure rock music with a hint of blues, and stay away from anything hip. “We feel good about adding a new dose of rock to the world. Herman Brood is a Dutch legend, Golden Earring our Dutch rock pride. We believe our country currently lacks this type of raw music, so needed to counteract today’s polished, feeble rock music. And so we are determined to infect everyone with our rock virus.”

Earlier this year, actor/musician Ethan Hawke (Dead Poets Society, Training Day) talked about the charm of smaller live music venues in Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant. As he rightly pointed out the best places to get infected by music are small, crowded, sweaty venues: “No matter where you are, in Amsterdam, Paris, New York, or Los Angeles: when a musician does something really special in a cramped, sweaty club, you feel as if you are at the centre of the universe. The smaller the venue, the better.”

Who the fuck are The Pheromones?

The Pheromones named themselves after those tempting little chemical lures. The band saw the light of night after a coincidental meeting between the Slager brothers and Matthijs and Tanco, in Sound Garden in Amsterdam. It wasn’t long before they decided to form a raw rock band. ‘Stronger’ was one of the first tracks they wrote together: a catchy rock track almost instantly picked up by MTV and Dutch radio station 3FM. Their song was used in the trailer of Californication, the popular Comedy Central series starring David Duchovny as Hank Moody. Talk about rock ‘n roll. Early 2016 The Pheromones signed with Quizzical Smile, a brand-new label brought to life with one purpose only: to spread The Pheromones.